You are scrolling through Instagram and boom! Your college friend’s post, holidaying in Italy. Boom! Your school friend is in Bali. Boom! Your distant cousin is having a great time with his better half in Kashmir. Another friend is in the Maldives. A few more scrolls and you get that sinking feeling that tells you, you ought to travel too. After all, everyone else you know is too, right?

Well, not really. Your friends are not really traveling as much as you think they are, after checking your Instagram or Facebook. Let me tell you how. You see travel updates from 10-20 friends every week. Everyone who travels, posts on Social Media. Even if you have 500 friends, 480 are not traveling. At least 96% of your friends are not traveling.

Don’t let the travel-FOMO kick you in your gut. Travel is good, but when you feel like you’d like it. When your mind or soul nudges you. Not a social media app.