It’s one of those days. You need to get a lot of stuff done and it’s going to be a long haul. Probably the entire day, or maybe even a couple more, to finish off the project at hand. And that’s when a block hits you.

You seem to have lost steam, checking social media, browsing through Instagram stories maybe. Distracted by every single notification you receive.

How to get back in the zone?

After having gone through this a gazillion times myself, and having tried tens of things, I found this to be the easier of all solutions. Let’s not think about the 4 hours of work that is left. Let’s not think about the entire project to be finished. But can we think about the 25 mins? Ask yourself, can you promise yourself to focus on a 25-minute all-focus distraction-free sprint? Yes? I guess so. 25 mins isn’t a lot. Reward? You get 5 mins to chill, check social media, or do whatever you want after the 25. But here’s the ultimate condition: You are going to mute all distractions for these 25 mins.

Deal? Deal.

This is called the Pomodoro technique. And in most cases, it pretty much works. Why? Because it breaks down a complicated and indefinite task into a short definite commitment. And of course, there’s a promise of reward after that. To be honest, you might not even be in the mood for a reward once you are in the flow. And that’s what this is about, to get in the flow.

There are plenty of Pomodoro apps out there in the market, but here are the ones that I have used and would recommend.

Android: Focus To-Do
iOS: Be Focused
Web or Omnichannel: Pomotodo

Try this out the next time you lose focus, and let me know if it works for you!