Fun Fact: The fastest way to build a car, is by not reinventing the wheel.

If you have a new advertising project at hand, if you are a little short on time, and if you already have a few sort-of-successful competitors in the marketing, guess what?

Spy on your competitors’ ads already!

Why? Because this includes access to whatever ads they have found to work for them, or whatever experiments they are running right now.

How to do it, and do it for free? Let’s get to it.

1. Facebook Ads

It’s not spying really, if it’s out in the open. That’s what Facebook Ad Library is.

Head over the Facebook Ad Library, search for your competitor’s name and start exploring the ads they have set up. As simple as 1-2-3.


2. Search Ads

Search ads are probably the most important ads for most businesses because they have the strongest intent from your potential buyer. Wouldn’t it be great to see what keywords your competitor is bidding for and what their ads look like?

The Go-to tool here would be SEMRush (Freemium). Here are a couple of quick examples of with respect to Amazon India:


Keywords Amazon India has been bidding for


Amazon India’s Search Ads

Bonus: SEMRush will also help with Display ads. However, to make the most of SEMRush, you’d have to get on a paid version.

3. Display Ads

What’s the point if I can’t see what my competitor’s ads exactly look like, right? Head over to Moat (Freemium) and enter the brand of which you would like to check out ads of.


Hovering on an ad also gives you the duration during which the ad was running, where the ad was running, on what platform and the image dimensions. Note that all geographies might not have ads from smaller brands. But you can always rely on bigger brands from your industry across geographies, for inspiration.


So there you are. Bookmark these sites if you like, and start checking out the best of ad ideas that your competitors might have cracked so far.

Do you have a favorite competitor-ad-spying tool that’s not on this list? Add in the comments and let us know!