The ONE book that will change your life, doesn’t exist. Yes, you read that right. I’m sorry, but that’s the truth. Too many of us have been searching for the one book that would change our life for good, and there have been authors peddling the hope that their one book would change our life.

Of course, I’m talking in the context of non-fiction books that try to help you get better.

So yeah, there’s no quick fix, no shortcut, and no silver bullet. If there was a quick fix, that would have been our bible already.

Does that mean all books are useless? Nope. Exactly the opposite.

Good books help you get better by, let’s say 0.5% in the area that it serves. A great book probably helps you get better by 0.7%. A decent book, by 0.3%.

So what do you need to get as grow to your 2X? Read about 15 good books (1.05x^15 = 2.07x). Wait, what? That feels totally doable, isn’t it? World domination, here I come!

But wait. You might have gotten to 2X of you, but there would still be people at even 10X of you. Learning-wise we are all on a very hugely spread out scale.

Also, books aren’t the only medium of learning or growing yourself. You probably wouldn’t reach 10X by reading 49 books as per our formula. But books will give you reliable results consistently, unlike most other sources (as long you keep choosing thoughtfully. Chetan Bhagat ain’t helping you at nothing.) And at times, books will even help you discover areas outside of the books, where you can find your next lessons.

So yeah, that’s it. I would have said this ONE article will change your life. But it will not. It’s probably your 0.01% for today. Keep reading stuff on the Internet. And yeah, also some books.