Think Straight by Darius Foroux
Think Straight: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life
By Darius Foroux

What caught my attention about this book, was the title of course, and Darius Foroux as the author. In the age where we spend a lot of time stressing over useless things and daydreaming, ‘Think Straight’ seemed like an apt title. Secondly, I had known Darius Foroux in the online sense, since I had followed him after reading one of his blog posts. So when these two things clicked, I had to read Think Straight.

Coming to the book, unlike conventional books, Think Straight does not necessarily follow a set narrative. It is more like a conversation or a talk. To give you context, Darius is an entrepreneur and a productivity nerd, who is kind enough to share his learnings through the book as well as the blog he has.

The book explores various topics that can help think straight and help reduce overthinking. It focuses on aspects like filtering of thoughts, looking at facts, being unconventional and a host of other things.

What I loved about this book is that it is only 92 pages long and should take you just an hour or two to read. For the cost of a small investment of time, I would say you are likely to get a good dose of ideas or insights. Insights that would help you on your way to more of straight thinking and less of chaos.

Darius is great at learning, unlearning and deducing lessons from experiences. The book is a sincere attempt at conveying the lessons he has picked up along the way.


Thinking Straight is probably one of the helpful skills to learn. But also a tough one to master. I only wish there were a few more exercises at the end of the book that helped set the learning towards thinking straight. But all in all, this is a quick good read that should help you if your goals are on the lines of productivity and peace. If you plan to explore more in this direction you should head over to Darius’s blog (which is absolutely great, btw).

Leaving with one of my favorite quotes from the book:
If you want to have useful thoughts, here’s a rule of thumb: Only think about things you can control. That automatically eliminates about 99% of your thoughts.

Rating: 4

The book can be bought here.

(Disclaimer: I don’t get paid anything if you choose to buy this book. This is an honest review and not a sponsored post.)