So, you are starting out with online advertising. Or just on a shoestring budget. The question is, can digital marketing really work for your business if you’re spending small?

As long as you have at least a website, the answer is YES. (This is 2019. If you don’t have a website for your business, well, hello dinosaur!)

Set up only these two ad campaigns if you are on a minimal advertising budget, and see things work.

1. Retargeting Ads

Consider an example of someone who had a look at your website, but did not buy what you were selling. Or did not give you their email ID. For whatever reason, they closed your website. Could they be nudged into buying from you after a while, yes? Do you have better chances than you had before they even knew you? Also yes. What are you going to do about it? Run Retargeting ads.

Retargeting ads get 10 times the clicks of regular ads.

Source: Wishpond

In short, retargeting ads work. If you don’t run these, you are clearly leaving out money on the table. I hate when people leave money on the table. Don’t do that.

2. Search Ads for your Brandname

You met someone at an event or conference and exchanged business cards. Someone noticed your company’s name from your FB or Linkedin profile when you made that insightful post. Maybe your product was recommended to someone.

Do you know how this someone is going to try to reach you?
Hint: He is not going to type in ‘’
In fact, he is not even going to type in any link at all. He is going to Google ‘punny tees website’.

If you are a new business, you are going to find it a little hard to rank at No.1 even for that search term. So here’s what you do. You sneak some pennies to Google, for it to place you at 1st. Yes, that’s the way it works. Also because in the long run, Google gets data, that your website in fact is where the person wanted to go in the first place. So Google will give you the 1st rank for pennies for that search results. If your website is shitty, though, your ad is not going to get shown on Google, nowhere nearly for pennies.
Again, it’s 2019. Have a slick website for God’s sake!

Brand search ads are likely to give 633% ROI compared to other ads.

Source: PPC Hero

Run these two kinds of online ads and you’ll get possibly the best bang for your 1000 bucks. Go on. Let people know what they’re missing out on.