Would you try this Evernote?

Before I begin, I have to say I really like Evernote. It is one of the very very few apps I’ve consistently used for over 9 years now. So much so, last year I thought, heck, I should be on the premium!

And after only 6 months of using Evernote, I did a quick analysis of all the premium features I had used, by ticking what I had used and what I hadn’t.

10 GB uploads/month ❎
Offline Use ✅
Unlimited devices ❎
Find text in images, PDFs, and docs ❎
Annotate PDFs ❎
Scan business cards ❎
Present notes ❎
Browse note history ❎

All in all, despite being a heavy user I’m off premium and that makes me wonder. What if Evernote becomes something more than a good ‘Note-taking app’. Why not a ‘Note-taking app for Techies’ or for Marketers or for Sales?

Professional cloud-based note-taking is a fairly generic use and there exists a plethora of apps in this space. But if you could choose Note taking for X, you could probably go the extra mile by creating so many things for X that ally note-taking.

For example, for marketers, there could be a template of social media posting schedule, a template of online spends vs return on investments, influencer research template, and so on. All of a sudden this new Evernote becomes a friend of the marketer. On a separate version, there’s a product roadmap template, a product specification template and a launch plan template. This Evernote is a good friend of the Product guy.

The real awesomeness of this strategy is that you don’t need to build for just one persona. You could build for all (or focus on whichever gets you most revenue.)

Even lead generation and marketing becomes easier for Evernote itself. Target specific conferences and communities around each function and pitch/advertise a sub-product that’s built for that function. Evernote becomes the engine. Evernote for X becomes the vehicle.

Evernote does show up in almost all the top ‘productivity apps’ lists on the Internet’, but right now it’s generic and easy to try and forget. Right now all note-taking apps are replaceable by one or the other. Perhaps a more personalised, more customised experience could make a difference. Perhaps that’d be the hook to become the go-to note-taking app for most of the X.

The more the tech space matures, the more we realise. The distance between a customer and a product is seldom crossed by the customer. More often by the product.

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